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‘Fake’ gun used in Stellenbosch wine robbery

Three suspects were arrested on Thursday night (23 July 2020) shortly after they allegedly used an imitation firearm to rob a resident at a local block of flats.


“One of our armed response officers received a message on a community alert platform indicating that the resident at Lavanda Flats had been robbed of a quantity of wine by three armed suspects. When he arrived at the address, the resident gave a description of the suspects and explained that they had fled in the direction of a nearby filling station,” says Verena Hulme, Cape Town North district manager at Fidelity ADT.


This information was shared with police and law enforcement partners.


“It didn’t take long for our officer to locate a vehicle matching the description given earlier. With the assistance of the SAPS, the vehicle was stopped on Andringa Street and the occupants were detained. An imitation firearm, a knife and the wine was found in the car,” says Hulme.


Meanwhile earlier that same day in a separate incident, two suspects were apprehended after they allegedly robbed an unidentified man while he was having a medical emergency.


“We received a report that the man was having a seizure on the corner of Bird and Plein Street at around 1.30pm. It was then also reported that two suspects allegedly tried to rob the man while he was in distress,” says Hulme.


Thankfully, armed response was able to get to the scene and apprehend the two suspects. The stolen property was recovered before they could flee the scene.

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