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Stolen cellphone recovered on Helshoogte Pass

Local armed response officers were able to successfully recover three cellphones, shortly after they were stolen from their owners while hiking on the Helshoogte Pass (on Monday 20 July 2020). Technology played a big part in the recovery.


The Jonkershoek Special Ratings Area (JSRA) Control Room posted an alert on Monday afternoon on the Stellenbosch Reaction WhatsApp group, describing how three hikers had just been mugged on a hiking trail on the Helshoogte Pass.


“Two armed suspect had reportedly stolen their cellphones and fled. Our armed response officers in the area were dispatched to cordon off the area and investigate,” says Verena Hulme, Cape Town North district manager at Fidelity ADT.


One of the stolen phones was still switched on. Armed response officers were able to use a “find my phone” service to track the phone, which led to the discovery of the three phones where they were dumped under a bush.


“The hikers were very happy to have their phones returned to them. This story shows how modern technology can help get information about crime broadcast to as wide an audience as possible so that officers can respond. Together with the dedication of armed response officers who make use of the technological advances, we have a winning recipe in the fight against crime,” says Hulme.

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