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Local sales rep steps in to prevent assault

A local Fidelity ADT sales representative recently received praise from a Community Policing Forum (CPF) member in recognition of his bravery and selflessness when stopping to assist and prevent an assault in the Wild en Weide area.

“One of our sales representatives, JP Leimecke was driving in the area when he noticed a distressed resident being confronted by a few suspects. He instinctively knew that the man was in trouble and immediately stopped to investigate the situation before a potential case of assault occurred,” explains Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for Richards Bay, Rian Buys.

Upon further investigation it was confirmed that these individuals were in fact threatening the resident who was a member of the local CPF who was busy doing his patrols. The CPF member stopped after seeing these individuals conducting illegal dumping in the area.  

“CPF members play a vital role in keeping our communities safe and greatly enhance the effectiveness of security presence within a footprint. At Fidelity ADT we constantly look to find ways to work together with CPF members and this is another example of how we look out for each other,” says Buys.

The CPF member was busy taking a video of the illegal dumping which caused the men to act so aggressively, as they were opposed to the CPF member possibly exposing their illegal activities.

“Richards Bay plays a key role in the economic environment of Zululand and needs to be looked after. We simply cannot allow for things such as illegal dumping to take place as this sets the wrong standards and is damaging to our environment. These suspects need to be brought to justice and incidents like these should be reported to the local SAPS,” Buys added.

Mr Leimecke pulled over to assist and intervened in such a way that the suspects left the scene shortly after he stopped. The CPF member was grateful for his intervention which came at exactly the right time.

Buys was pleased with the staff member’s efforts and praised him for going the extra mile. “JP did an excellent job in taking the initiative and helping the CPF member in his time of need, potentially preventing him from being assaulted. We have a culture within our business to not only go the extra mile for our customers but also for the community as a whole. The CPF member sent us a message of appreciation that same morning, clearly relieved with how everything turned out and that no one got hurt.”

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