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Smile, you are on camera

Two suspects were apprehended earlier this month after they were spotted by local camera operators. The CCTV camera operators at Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) raised the alarm, and alerted their colleagues to investigate suspicious behaviour in Westcliff.

“The CCTV team are trained to be on the lookout for any strange or suspicious behaviour, and to then alert patrol vehicles as needed. The team also have an excellent knowledge of the town’s geographical layout and the getaway routes that are popular with criminals,” says Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for Hermanus, Marius Boshoff.  HPP is a ratepayer funded initiative in partnership with Fidelity ADT.

“The suspects appeared to be in possession of illegal substances which already caused the CCTV operators to respond. However upon further investigation they also noticed how the two suspects were frantically searching through what appeared to be a stolen purse,” Boshoff added.  

One of the men was observed taking out bank cards and other items from the purse and throwing them aside. The CCTV operators dispatched SRU Officer Asanda Ngamlana who immediately made his way to the location. Fidelity ADT Area Manager Donovan van der Westhuizen was on the road at the same time and also responded when he received the notification from the control room.

“When the suspects saw the lights of the HPP vehicle approaching, they threw all the items into the bushes and then attempted to hide themselves. What the suspects didn’t realise, was that all of this was happening in full view of the camera operators.”

Boshoff says the suspects were found hiding in the nearby bushes. A search was conducted and the purse as well as the cards that were removed were found. The suspects were also found in possession of illegal substances, and they were arrested by Hermanus SAPS. The stolen items were traced back to its rightful owner, who confirmed that she had been robbed and her purse stolen in the CBD area the previous day.

“I would like to commend all parties involved for their excellent effort in placing these two suspects behind bars,” says Boshoff.

Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) is a non-profit company (NPC), established to provide public safety and top-up cleansing services in a geographical designated area of Hermanus, Western Cape. It is funded by the ratepayers through the Overstrand Municipality Special Rating Area By-law and Policy. Visit for more info.

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