Do officers enter properties with high walls?

The officers will climb the walls where humanly possible and without the use of a ladder. To ensure our officers safety, we prefer our officers not to climb walls higher than 1.2 meters high. When there is electric fencing, palisade fencing, razor wire or barb wire, officers will not be able to scale the walls. […]

Will FADT enter my property if I have dogs? What is the procedure?

If the customer is aware that his/her pets could potentially pose a threat to the responding officers, instructions will be added to the customer’s profile, indicating that dogs are dangerous and that the officer should not enter. If the animals do not pose a threat, the officer will enter the property. Officers will also gauge […]

What is the procedure when my alarm goes off? When do SAPS get involved?

Upon receipt of an alarm activation, a response vehicle is immediately dispatched via our automated dispatch system. At the same time, you will receive a phone call to determine whether you need assistance or if it is a false alarm. In case of a false alarm, the responding vehicle will be cancelled. In case of […]