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Upgrade to a safer, smarter, and more connected
driving experience.

Fidelity SecureDrive is your driving
companion along every kilometre of
your journey.

You’re going places. Fidelity SecureDrive can get you there safely. As the latest telematic innovation to hit the transport industry, Fidelity SecureDrive is fast becoming a leader in vehicle tracking and recovery.

Smart vehicle assist

Live tracking

Real-time tracking with live speed, journey distance, time, and fuel gauge. Switch between map and satellite view, share location via web links or view trips.

Route compliance and optimisation

Create, save, and manage routes, including stops and allocated parking periods. You can assign routes to any vehicle and receive real-time deviation alerts, detailing arrival and departure at scheduled stops.

Theft prevention

Fidelity SecureDrive also includes a unique tamper-proof feature called Amber Shield, which uses artificial intelligence to detect any threats to your vehicle, and immediately sounds an in-app alarm, alerting the Fleet Manager.

Polygon geo-fencing

Create, assign, and save multiple geo-fences to any vehicle or fleet, and receive real-time deviation alerts.

Real-time alerts

A range of real-time alerts are built into your application, including critical alerts such as collisions and towing; anti-theft alerts, and safety alerts such as fatigue, idle-timing, and door safety.

Management mechanism

Assign hierarchical user access using a drag and drop mechanism and track all login sessions to ensure compliance.

Trip history

Detailed logs of all your trips with playback and trip bread-crumbing, providing data points of trip time and speed to the second.

Driver management

Create and save driver profiles, assign drivers to vehicles, and receive reports of driver behaviour and vehicle performance.

Bird’s eye vew

View vehicles by group filters, subgroups or even by which vehicles are moving and which are parked. You can also export real-time location information in Excel or PDF.

Service and document reminders

Schedule and manage service reminders and recall service history by date and time. You can also activate email and in-app notifications to remind you to renew documents.

Our mobile app is here!

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Cloud management portal

Our cloud management system uses a fast and efficient cloud-based web portal, which alleviates the hassle of having to store hardcopy documents. The system is also accessible via tablet and mobile and operates on android and IOS systems quite efficiently, allowing you to view KPI’s trip history and track vehicles remotely.

Fidelity SecureDrive dashboard is not only customised to your preference but has user-friendly UX for ease of use, reducing the training requirement for users.

Driver management

Fidelity SecureDrive is more than a virtual driving assistant, it’s a business resource that can be used as a fleet management tool.

Choose to attach extra features such as fuel sensors, temperature sensors, in-vehicle cameras, panic-button features and two-way communication features, among other affordable functions.

Reports can also be downloaded instantly in a range of formats from PDF and XLS, to JPEG. You would be able to compare fleet performance based on your own KPIs and compare results at an individual driver and vehicle level.
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Worldclass digital solutions


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Command Elite

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How does signing up work?

Becoming a protected member can be done in a few easy steps:

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