Smart access to your property

High-tech access control

We are proud to introduce a barrier to criminals to safeguard your property. SecureGate is the one and only smart access to your property, owned and developed by Fidelity ADT. The high-tech access control system enables an officer to enter a property when the owner is unavailable or if the owner is under duress.


Multiple levels of security.

1. Access

Access to your property in an emergency

2. Tracking

We can track who uses the system and when

3. Integration

Integrates into any electrical gate or door opening system

4. Tailor-Made

Tailored to your unique security requirements

5. Connection

Connect up to 3 devices with unlimited users per device

6. Intervention

No human intervention

How does signing up work?

Becoming a Fidelity ADT protected member can be done in a few easy steps.

1. Choose a product

Find a suitable product or service.

2. Sign up

Sign up via email or speak to a consultant.

3. Install

Get your product or service installed and activated by one of our experts.

4. Stay protected

Feel safer than before with the assurance that you and your family are fully protected.