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We’ve partnered with Auto & General* to bring you Fidelity inSure – an all-in-one insurance offering covering vehicle, roadside, home, accident, trauma and legal assistance and benefits.

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  • Personal vehicle insurance
    If you’re looking to insure your motor vehicle (new or preowned), motorcycle, off-road vehicle, or your family caravan or trailer, Fidelity inSure vehicle insurance is the ideal product. We offer insurance options with different levels of cover.

  • Homeowners insurance
    This covers the actual structure of your home against loss or damage. It covers your home against the following:

    • Fire, lightning, explosions, and earthquakes
    • Burst water pipes
    • Storms and floods
    • Damage caused to your home and outbuildings by animals, vehicles and falling trees (but not while they are being felled)
    • Malicious or intentional damage
    • Break-in or theft damage
    • Subsidence of land and landslides
    • Damage to your garages, outbuildings, swimming pool, walls and gates
    • Liability cover for the owner of the building and domestic employees
    • Loss of rent
    • Rent to live elsewhere
    • Increased options with regards to geyser damage cover

  • Home contents insurance
    Fidelity inSure home contents insurance offers cover for all the items that you have filled your house with, against theft, loss, and accidental damage. Under home contents insurance we offer cover for the following:

    • Food that spoils in your fridge during a power outage
    • Washing stolen from the line
    • Garden furniture stolen from your garden
    • Your guests, as well as, your domestic employee’s belongings that were stolen from your home
    • Money stolen from your home
    • Personal documents, coins and stamps
    • Credit or bank cards
    • Rent to live elsewhere
    • Veterinary expenses
    • Locks and keys damaged during a break-in
    • Medical expenses for an injury caused by your pet or a defect in your building

  • Portable possession insurance
    This covers you specifically for items that you carry around with you daily. Some of these items are already covered under our home contents insurance, but you also have the option to specify your more expensive items and insure them for their correct replacement value. We call these Specified and Unspecified items. The less expensive items are considered Unspecified and your more expensive items are the Specified items. These could include:

    Unspecified items:
    Like your jewellery, clothes and personal items worn or carried with you, will be covered against loss, damage, and theft up to a certain amount on your schedule.

    Specified Items:
    Like your prescription glasses, contact lenses, cell phones, valuable jewellery and clothing, cameras, laptops, handbags (and their contents) – in fact anything that’s over the standard amount must be specified and covered for their replacement value, so that you are covered against loss, damage, and theft.

  • Entertainment assist
    With Fidelity inSure, you’ll have access to information regarding all major entertainment events, the booking of hotel accommodation, restaurants, and general travel arrangements

  • Medical assist
    Emergency access to:

    • Emergency telephonic assistance
    • Emergency response by road or air ambulance to the scene of the incident
    • Transfers by road or air to the most appropriate medical facility
    • Transfers of lifesaving medication/blood
    • Companionship and/or care for stranded minors
    • Repatriation of terminally ill patients if hospitalised far from home
    • Repatriation of mortal remains
    • Access to specialised sexual assault crisis centres

  • Road Assist
    Rapid access to roadside emergency solutions

  • Breakdown assistance

    • Towing to the nearest dealer after a mechanical/electrical breakdown
    • Cover for the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for a vehicle locksmith if your keys are locked in your car
    • Cover for the call-out fee and one hour’s labour when assistance with a flat tyre/battery is required
    • Emergency delivery of 10 litres of fuel (charged at cost)
    • Roadside referral
    • Mechanic referral
    • Directions service
    • 72 hours’ storage after tows
    • Notification and message service for family or business
    • If you are stranded more than 100 km away from home after a breakdown and your vehicle needs to be towed to a repairer, that will be arranged and up to R500 will be paid towards:
      • Courtesy transport for yourself and a maximum of six persons to one nominated destination
      • Hotel accommodation for yourself and a maximum of six persons if there is an overnight delay
      • Car hire for a 24-hour period, subject to your provision of a credit card guarantee and limited to rental charges, delivery, and collection of the hire vehicle, the first tank of fuel and surrender of the vehicle on arrival at your destination

    Fidelity inSure also pays up to R500 toward the cost of collecting the vehicle and returning it to your normal place of residence after the repair has been affected. The Breakdown assistance service has a maximum annual limit of three callouts per insured vehicle.

  • Accident assistance
    This is done through our towline and includes towing to the nearest approved panel beater/yard after an accident and collision procedure advice. There is no limit to the number of callouts per insured vehicle.

  • Trauma assist
    This is operated through a nationwide network of over 110 recognised trauma centres, which offers you:
    - Three face-to-face trauma counselling sessions
    - Assistance with courtroom preparation for witnesses/survivors
    - Referral to group therapy and support groups
    - Accompaniment to ID parades and court hearings and
    - Referral to a place of safety or shelter

  • Home assist

    • Fidelity inSure covers the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for emergency services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths
    • You have full access to a comprehensive database, where referrals are given for builders, carpet specialists, painters and fire damage repairers. The Home Assist service has a maximum annual limit of five callouts per household

  • Legal Assist
    Qualified attorneys guide you through the legal process and provide telephonic legal and tax advice services for the following: - Legal documentation, e.g. sale, lease, power of attorney agreements, wills, and contracts - Courtroom preparation - Contractual law and legal representation referral

* Auto & General is an authorised Insurer & FSP. Ts & Cs apply.


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