Access control

You never have to be locked out of your home or business again with Fidelity ADT’s access control service. Whether it’s using a coded lockbox to store a spare set of keys or a remote at your front gate, gaining access to your property via a personalised digital keypad, or opting for a wireless digipad system, gone are the days of sorting through or searching for keys to enter your business or home.
Place a coded lockbox on your property discreetly, to house a spare remote or keys to your home or workspace. In the case of an emergency, this lockbox will also afford Fidelity ADT immediate access to enter your property and assist you.

Why carry keys when you can access your property using a coded digital keypad. The Fidelity ADT Digipad gives you effortless access without the fuss of having to store keys.

Using a wireless design for added convenience, the advanced Digipad is equipped with the standard Digipad functions and works independently of any wires and cords.


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How does signing up work?

Becoming a Fidelity ADT protected member can be done in a few easy steps.

1. Choose a product

Find a suitable product or service.

2. Sign up

Sign up via email or speak to a consultant.

3. Install

Get your product or service installed and activated by one of our experts.

4. Stay protected

Feel safer than before with the assurance that you and your family are fully protected.

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